Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Mista Jaycee said...

Where did you move?

Emmy Collins said...

what is this celebrity fashion

Harold Katkov said...

As a gay guy with plus-size girlfriends, I was getting sick of the twisted thinking that says anything above a size 4 is unacceptable. That's crazy talk, so I finally did something about it: With a friend, I wrote a book called THE JOY OF PLUMP, a satire that pokes fun at the diet craze and our ill-spirited, weird obsession with tiny sizes. It got an awesome review on Kirkus Reviews, who said:
Katkov and Sobkowski’s refreshing satire exposes the preposterous of diet crazes.

You can buy it for $.99 on Amazon, right here, then read on your Kindle:

It’s designed to be funny, of course, but there’s a strong message, too: That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Hope you enjoy it!

Appel Mahmud said...

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